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Raise your hand if you are a photographer and you would not like to sell your photography over the web.

If you have been taking photos for a long time and wonder what to do with your photographs or perhaps you are at a level where more and more people appreciate your work due to the contests and photo exhibitions you have participated then this post is definitely for you because sooner or later you will think of what is next after all this. Photography is a difficult business to break into. However, you could generate income from your hobby without becoming a full-time professional photographer. The internet is a great avenue to generate revenue from your stock photographs. Many amateur photography enthusiasts are happy when they’re able to compensate the cost of their equipment just by selling photographs online. Once you sell your photos online, there is a possibility that it would be a stepping stone to take it to a level further and to become a professional photographer.

A lot of photographers try to sell their work through their websites but nothing happens.  Maybe they have one or two purchases every year, but that’s it. People may complement their work, follow their every post, or they may visit the website once, love the work, and then forget to ever come back again.

It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Before you read further, or even think about selling your prints, you need to make sure that they are great prints and that they are printed on high quality, archival paper.  

What’s the point of selling your work if the customer is not going to be impressed and will not want to eventually purchase more?  If you want to sell your work then I suggest either learning to print well yourself (I suggest the Epson Stylus Pro 3880) or using a high quality printing services (Such as Digital Silver Imaging or West Coast Imaging.  It is one thing to sell to somebody once, but repeat clients are what make businesses run – especially in the fine art world.

So let’s get to the tip.

The number one most important thing is your mailing list.  You may have a website and a daily blog, but most likely, most of the people who are going to it every day are probably other photographers looking for inspiration or people who are not actively thinking about purchasing your work.  A majority of your potential customers probably don’t even know that you are actively selling your prints and are probably too busy to constantly check your site anyway to see your new work.

So you need to go out and reach them.

Email is the number one way to engage people on the internet.  It is not even close.  If you want to show off your gorgeous work, then email is the best forum to do this.

I recommend using AWeber.  Plan to send out an email once a month with your best work of the month.  I personally would not send an email daily or weekly because I do not think that I can create good enough work in that short of a time period and I also don’t want people to tune me out.  If you have an informational blog, then you can send out emails much more frequently, but for art-based businesses, it is better to hold back.  You want people to be excited when they receive an email from you and excited that they will be able to see your gorgeous work again.  All you need is one or two minutes of someone’s attention each month for it to make a huge difference.

In fact, I recently chose to take a break from sending out my emails because I was going through an extremely busy time in my life.

I quickly realized how ridiculous it was “that I didn’t have time” to send out my mailing.  I had the time because that is the number one aspect of my business that I should have spent my time on.  I should have cut something else out instead.

I received so many emails from people thanking me for starting it up again and how much they had missed seeing my work.  These people missed my work enough to reply and tell me to keep it going, yet many of these people did not visit my website regularly, if ever, to see my new work.   It’s funny how that works.

By sending these emails to people on a fairly consistent, but not obtrusive basis, you are becoming a regular part of their month.  It will help them to remember you for when they want to purchase a gift or something for their walls or for when they need a photographer for any reason (this tip can work wonders for studio photographers as well).

Occasionally, you should sell directly to your mailing list, but don’t overdo it.  You don’t want to be nuisance or a hawk.  You want your mailing list to be focused on showing off your work, brightening peoples’ days, and keeping yourself in peoples’ minds for when they do need a print – that’s its purpose.  Then, a couple of times a year, or when you have something interesting to offer, you can offer a discount on some prints directly to your list.

If you don’t overdo it then people will be so excited for your offers.  You will have built up a reputation with them and at the same time you will be offering them great value.  Save your offers for when you have a lull in business and some free time on your hands to offset the discount.

Getting people to sign up
Many of you are probably thinking, how the hell do I get people to sign up for my mailing list?  

If you have a lot of traffic going to your website then that is one thing, but you don’t need a lot of people on your mailing to be able to sell a fair amount of prints.  More than a third of the prints that I sell come from a small amount of interior designers and art buying companies.  Ten local interior designers on your list can be as valuable, if not more, than a thousand other people. Make a connection with the interior designers in your neighborhood and eventually ask them if they would mind if you added them to your list.  Seek out connections in your everyday course of life.  Build a strong and engaged list, slowly.

But that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try to get traffic from your website to convert to your mailing list.  That is one of the most important things you can do.  Add a prominent area to your website that allows people the option to sign up.  I don’t have a particularly prominent area on my site, but in my opinion (and many of you may disagree) I have something better.

The single best way to get your web traffic to convert to your mailing list is to add a ::gasp:: pop-up to your site.  A pop-up is a little box that will appear on your website asking users to sign up for your mailing list.  

Hear me out.  A pop-up does not have to be intrusive if you do it the right way.  Most importantly, you do not want it to be the first thing that a visitor sees when they go to your site.  If it is, then a lot of people will immediately leave.  You want to give people a chance to see your beautiful work before it shows up.  I set my popup to appear 55 seconds after a person visits my site, and only once every six months for each person.  If they don’t want to join then they can click it off and it will not appear for another six months.  If this happens to annoy the occasional person then I am assuming that this person would most likely not want to be a customer of yours in the first place.  Most people just don’t mind.

Websites like AWeber make it extremely easy to add this type of pop up to your site.  All you have to do is add a single line of code to the body of your site and then you can tweak or change the message through the AWeber website.

Finally, when people do sign up, send them a welcome email follow-up with an overview of your work.  You can automate this message to be sent right after a person confirms.  If you are like me and you are trying to make a living through photography during extremely tough economic times, then you may practice a lot of different types of photography to pay the bills. You may sell prints or do studio work or event photography.  Most people probably won’t see all of your best prints or learn everything that you do when they visit your site for the first time.

Your welcome email is your chance to succinctly show them what you do.

Always think of creative ways to get people to sign up.  Any time I do a job for someone or sell a print, I always ask that person if they would mind if I add them to my mailing list.  Or, for example, this post.

It’s pretty obvious that this post is the perfect opportunity for me to ask you to join my mailing list, given that you just read 1500 words on how a mailing list can help you, but with the pop-up it just doesn’t matter as much.  Ultimately, the people that I want to join my list are the people that like my prints, and the pop-up will convert enough of these people once they visit my site. This post could have been about anything, as long as the people who read it enjoy the work enough to visit my site for longer than 55 seconds and then want to see more through their email – that’s what truly matters.


Online Outsource From Advertising

You can sell space on your Website or blog for advertisements and you earn when these ads are clicked by visitors to your site. The sorting and placing of ads is free. The profitability of pay-per-click advertising depends on the traffic level of the Website and, most importantly, on the click through rate and cost per click. Google AdSense is the most popular option, while others are Advertiser, Text Link Ads and Blog ads. Direct banner and RSS feed are some other forms of online advertising.

Basically the key is to understand banner ads because the banner ad is the way you’re going to do the advertising. Do you have traffic? In other words are people coming to your site? If you just started a site and noon knows about it, then trust me you’re not going to be able to sell advertising. Advertisers are looking for eyeballs. They want to make sure that if they buy a banner ad on your site, then there hundreds if not thousands of people going to your site on a regular basis they might see the ad, they might click on it and they might go to their site and might buy something.

Do you have the right audience? I mean think about it. If you’re going to be selling advertising for a specific type of information then you want to make sure you find advertisers (companies) that are complimentary to that. For instance, if I have a site that talks about dogs, I would not want to sell advertising to a car company. You want to stick with the audience. You want to make sure you have the audience that they are looking for.

Then decide how you’re going to be paid. Because believe it or not, with banner ads and with advertising on a website you can be paid in a variety of ways. Basically theres 3. You can be paid on the impression, the click or the sale. Now let’s talk about those.

An impression is simply someone seeing your page. Specifically someone seeing the ad. And they’re usually sold in blocks of thousands. A good example. Let’s say you do have a site and you are an expert on dogs and you are posting all this information about dogs on that site and so all these people who love dogs are coming to your site to read your blog. Well if you want to get paid on impression that means you will get paid by the advertiser for say every 1000 times the ad is displayed on your site regardless of the action the viewer performs. And that’s an easy way but it requires traffic.

The second way you can make more money is called pay per click. In other words, the advertiser only pays you when someone actually clicks on their ad and goes to their website. So if you have this dog site and it sells books on dogs, if someone clicks on their ad going to their page talking about books about dogs, then they will pay you for that click.

The final way you can make the most money of all is pay per sale. So for instance in the same example of selling dog books, if someone is on your site and clicks on that ad and goes to the advertiser’s site and they buys some books, then the advertiser will pay you some commission, as much as 10% of the sale value!

So there’s 3 ways to get paid. Number 1 is by the impression (how many times their ad is actually seen). Number 2 is by the click (how many people actually click on the ad and go thorough to their site) and number 3 is the sale (how many people click, go through and actually buy something). And they go in increasing orders of what you can make. Impressions can be sold for pennies on the dollar. A thousand impressions for 25 cents maybe, a thousand impressions for a dollar! Clicks, it depends on the cost of the item and what a prospect is worth. Could be a dollar or could be 50 bucks for a click!

You just never know until you figure out what’s going on in that market by actually talking to an advertiser. Sales can be astronomical. If what they sell is a 1000 dollar item, and someone actually goes to their site through your site and buys the item, you might make a 100 bucks just on that 1 person going through.

The key for banner ads and whether they work or not is location, location, location! Theres different types of banner ads and where they go. Some banners are across the top, some are down the side, some are on the bottom, some are embedded in the content. It just depends. Also you need to understand that there’s different types of banner ads. The ones that go down the side, the very popular and very tall ones are called sky scrapers. Buttons are more square type of ads and they can go on the sides. And then of course there are pop-ups. These are ads which basically show up after a certain thing.

They show up before someone can go to a website or they hover over something and it pops up. I’m not a huge fan of pop-ups because a lot of people think they’re pretty annoying. So understand the types of banner ads there are. These days banner ads at the top and sky scrapers down the left and the right tend to do very well.

And draw the line. When we’re talking about banner ads you need to draw the line on what’s acceptable. Think about your audience. You don’t want to sell ad space to an advertiser that might put a banner ad that’s inappropriate. You always want to preview their ad before you just let them put it on your site. Make sure you don’t scare your audience. If theres kids coming to your site, you got to be extra careful about the type of ads that show up.

Next you got to choose your method. In other words theres 2 different ways to sell advertising on your site. First, find your own advertiser. Second, use an ad network. And we’re going to talk about both.

First let’s talk about finding your own advertiser. Realize that if you’re going to go out and find someone to advertise on your site, make sure you find someone that is complementary and not competitive to what you do. In other words if you are a dog groomer, and you have a dog groomer site and you’re giving expert ideas on dog grooming, you would not want to go and find another dog groomer to advertise on your site. You want to find someone that’s complementary.

So in your case, you may want to find someone who sales dog grooming supplies or obedience handbooks or something like that. So number 1, you have to find someone complementary to what you’re doing but not competitive!

Heres a big one. I personally never want to use an advertiser that I have it, checked out their product. In other words, if I have a specific advertiser on my website, I’m going to actually go buy their product and see what it’s like to work with them. Because think about it. What if you get an advertiser who is just awful. And what if they have a product that is awful. People go to your site, click on the advertiser and get this terrible product, guess who gets blamed. YOU! So you don’t ever want to go after an advertiser, if you don’t know what their reputation is like or what their product is like.

I know a lot of large bloggers and large websites where basically to advertise on their system you have to send them a product so they can test it and make sure that it’s something they really want to advertise. I know a lot of bloggers who say they only allow advertisers for products they actually use! So consider that. Your reputation is tied to that advertiser.

What’s it worth? I mean if you’re going to go out and look for advertisers what you’re going to charge em? This is the biggest question I get and it’s a tough one to answer. Basically, you have to try to find out what the range is. And one of the best ways to do that is go to a site similar to yours and send a short email on if you were to advertise on their site, what they would charge? And it’s a great way to find out kind of what the market is showing. But in some cases, maybe what you do no one else is doing.

And so selling advertising is up to you. And some of the best ways to do it is to simply come up with a rate and see what happens. In other words, throw out a number and give it a try and they will determine whether it’s worth it. And then you can “up” it and “lower” it as you need it to be. And I know that’s not a scientific answer and not what you’re looking for, but really there is no specific guideline for what you charge for advertising. And remember a lot of times those rates are based on whether you are giving them impressions, clicks or commissions on sales.

Use an ad network. And this is actually one that I use quite a bit. The reason I like it is because it’s so easy. You don’t have to go out there and find people to advertise on your site. Basically you plug in a set of code from this ad network and ads just start showing up there. Now the way most ad networks work is to pay per click and pay per sale. And the rates are pre-determined though, so that’s good and bad. In other words, you don’t get to say it’s going to cost you extra amount per click.

They’re going to determine that and you just kinda have to take it. But, once again you didn’t have to go out and find these things. The biggest one out there is Google AdSense. I actually use it on my Computer Tips 101 site and I make a good fair chunk of change with it, I’ll be honest. The neat thing about Google AdSense is that the ads that are shown up for one person are different to those shown up to another visitor to the same site! This is because Google actually kind of knows through your cookies where you’ve kind of been. Good example.

So if you’ve been searching through looking for a new car to buy, Google kind of knows that and the ads that come up on my site for you will be about cars! I didn’t have to do that, Google did that. And that way you’re more likely to click it, and I’m more likely to make a nickel or a dime or a dollar, depending on what the ads are going for on the Google network. So, the advantage of an ad network is you have to do no work really. If you have enough traffic coming in, you can have your web guy plug in some code and BOOM!

Ads just start appearing and then as people click, Google drops money in your bank account and it’s no fuss. It’s just very easy. And like I said, that’s the one that I use. But remember, you have less control over what you charge on that, practically no control. So keep that in mind. And Google AdSense like I said is the best way to go. You can go to “adsense.google.com” and it will pull right up.