Online Outsource from translators

Making some extra money is never a bad idea. All of us have needs and wants that have to be satisfied in one way or another. In today’s world, there are so many opportunities for us to make some extra money. Unlike previous generations, the internet has changed the way we do things. In the beginning, most of our parents did not believe that we could use the internet to do different kinds of work and earn real money. However, time has proven them wrong. A huge number of people from Asia, Africa, and Latin America are now embracing this idea. They are participating in online jobs that generate a significant amount of money. What they have managed to accomplish is quite remarkable.

Do freelancer translators struggle with money? Of course sometimes they do. The main reason is that freelancing is a huge activity that requires you to be your own CEO, your own accountant, your own marketing specialist, your own PR specialist and so on.

So it could take a while to get into the game and make it a sustainable lifestyle.

What if we could find a way to play it a little bit safer and earn more as a freelance translator?

There are three things we can do, and they will increase our success as freelancers (and thus, our income):

There is a significant number of translators who have broken the $100K mark in their annual income. There are several ways of achieving this feat. Some of these are discussed below. 

Language chosen: 
In the U.S translators who specialize in certain languages earn more than others. Top on the list are Middle East and Asia languages. Among these are: 
  • Japanese 
  • Arabic 
  • Chinese

Other well-paying languages are Dutch, Spanish, French and German. A person working in this niche is more likely to make 100K a year as a translator than another engaging in Italian or Portuguese translation that generally pay low rates.

Language combination 
Having the right source and target language combination has a great impact on the total amount earned in one year as a translator. Poor combination means little earning.

Some translation jobs are available in highly dangerous places. This includes military set-ups in foreign lands. Translators willing to take the risk of getting shot at can earn more than $200K in a year. While this may not be for everyone, working in the same niche away from the battlefields can still earn six figures per year for translators working in this category. Thorough security vetting is done on all translators accepted to operate in security related organizations.

Translation specialization 
Some translation fields are more lucrative than others. Specializing in fields such as medical, pharmaceutical, legal, business and ICT mean earning a relatively higher income than a general translator. Translators here charge much higher fees here since specialists or businesses concerned are also of high value.

Modern technology 
Making use of available and relevant technology makes achieving $100K in translation work in a year more likely. Such technology includes computer assisted translation (CAT) tools. These tools give the translator many benefits than those who don’t use them. Benefits include: 
  • Can take more projects because work delivery is faster. 
  • Work delivered is of a higher and consistent quality. 
  • Helpful in job analysis so that the translator can charge prices consistent with the work done.
Attitude towards translation as a business 
To make a $100K per year as a translator needs a person to have a business mind attitude. Apart from being extremely good and efficient at translation, aiming at a minimum of 20 cents per word will make it more likely to attain that figure.

Type of clients 
Working for clients directly pays better than working through agencies. If your translation is extremely good, landing direct clients is more likely and earning a $100K per annum a real possibility.

Time input 
Translators who are willing to put in many hours will likely earn more that those who don’t. This is however, not always the case in all those who earn $100K and more in translation jobs per year. There are those who work for comparatively less hours but charge very high fees.