Cultural Perspectives of Freelancers Use and The Misfortune of Being Freelance in INDIA


It shows us the information necessary to be able to know that it is a freelance, in addition to how the idea or term began to emerge, in addition to the activities in which this modality is used, the same will be able to find in this work its advantages and the advantages of the contracting of a freelance, we will also talk about the cultural perspectives that freelancers use and the misfortune of being freelance in India.

Activities in which this modality is used: 

In the beginning, the main sector in which this modality of work was used was journalism. The press media as well as having a permanent cast of paid employees commissioned third parties to make certain notes and paid for each one of them or acquired notes that were offered to them under such conditions.

Later it was also applied in other fields such as computer programming, graphic design, tourism, consulting, photography, translation, and many other professional and creative services.

Internet has facilitated the expansion of this modality of work in sectors such as software developer, website design, information technology and business documentation, as it allows freelance work in locations far from the recipient's workplace and even, In different country.

Likewise, there are increasingly online job boards dedicated to these professionals.


  • Be your own boss. The work we do will not pass any filter or review by a third person. The customer will be our final goal.
  • Flexible schedule. Times will be marked by our own responsibility. We are free to manage our work time and to alternate with moments of leisure. Tomorrow, afternoon or evening we will choose what suits us best in each moment.
  • Direct communication with the client. The terms and conditions of the work are discussed personally with the client. The details are clearly stated as well as possible drawbacks.
  • Comfort. Obviously working from home is a real plus. No need to transport or calculate timetables to arrive on time. Even in this sense it is an advantage not to have to wear a suit or think of clothes to wear every day.
  • Less stress in the workplace. People who work in companies will know what is being talked about: surprise changes of work plans, mediocre communication with responsible, poor fellowship, etc.
  • Higher profits. Assuming a good dedication and skill in the search of offers, the profits will be increasing little by little.
  • Personal satisfaction. Working for yourself on what you like, as you want and receiving a salary for it is really satisfying.


  • It is necessary to reinvent our work profile. Not only will we be workers, which entails a series of characteristics, but we must add other entrepreneurial qualities: motivation, discipline and a certain commercial value.
  • Time compatibility. Sometimes the working hours of the home life are not distinguished. In this sense, you should be very strict and constant.
  • Null social life during working hours. We are alone in front of our work. There are no partners, talks, help etc. It can be a difficult situation to carry.
  • There is no fixed salary. This is the biggest disadvantage in which future freelancers are bumping to encourage themselves to make the leap from telecommuting. The beginnings are hard but with a good attitude the fruits will arrive soon.
  • Not suitable for disorganized. The organization is fundamental, to manage the tasks and the schedules of optimal way will have repercussion in the final success.

The misfortune of being freelance in INDIA: 

For freelancers, it is very difficult to have a stable economic base because there may be days when they do not have a job and this can mean that the income they have is spent on daily expenses and sometimes they do not have to eat. This can cause a lot of unemployed, and today there are many freelances and there is a lot of competition between them, some can do well but others cannot.


  1. Design or web design: this is what is currently being exploited too and is the most popular in the world of freelancing, and is a field that still has too much future.
  2. Sale of web hosting services: also, a business or job in full swing and that is taking a tremendous power, the bad thing about this type of freelancing is that it takes a good amount of money to invest in this.
  3. SEO work on websites: visits through search engines that day by day are used by millions of people have become important in the world of the internet is why many freelancer people are now dedicated to working SEO in the websites.


Today there are many workers who are freelance, where you can see this service is in hospitals because when you need to repair a wall you have to hire one and you have to do the work you are told, as in The hospitals when they need to repair a piece of furniture have to rehire one that repairs it but many times the hospitals or also the schools already have their billboard where they find both their suppliers and people who are freelancers.